How much does it cost?

Repairs:   Most people like to know how much their repairs will cost prior to making an appointment.  We encourage you to ask when you call.  Just provide us with the brand and model of the opener you have, the type of door it is moving, and the nature of your trouble.  It has always been our policy to know exactly what your trouble is prior to arriving so that we can first know that your opener or door can be repaired and to let you know if that repair cost will exceed the value of your opener.   Generally speaking, many repairs do not need parts, so our competitive service fee is all that you will pay.  (We can not list that here but it is very affordable.)  If you need parts, like a safety beam set, transmitters, hinges and rollers, we can tell you over the phone what those will cost.   Some repairs, like replacing broken springs, replacing flip-up door hinges, and other repairs, are quoted over the phone as contract pricing.  In other words, these types of repairs are so common that we charge a flat rate which includes parts, labor and tax and no service charge.  If we can’t tell you the exact amount, we will quote you a price range.
  New Openers:    Like our contract repair pricing, we are happy to quote you over the phone the total cost of a new opener, with as many transmitters as you need, which includes material, tax and installation labor. Be aware that costs have risen substantially due to the new California SB 969 law which requires openers sold and installed after July 1, 2019 to have back-up batteries. Depending on the number of transmitters, digital keypads and other accessories, you can expect to spend about what you would for a middle of the line washer or dryer.     When ordering a new opener, we need to know the type of door you have (Sectional roll-up or one-piece flip up) and the door height. Also, how well does your door work manually? Can you lift it easily and will it stay open by itself? If not, be prepared for additional door repair costs prior to having a new opener installed.